Future Resources

Insights to English mostly produces videos so far.  We've got plenty more coming, including some that are geared toward native speakers.  But we plan to do a lot more than just videos.

What else is in the works?

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Mini-Course Books for Students

We've got an idea for mini-courses for students that want to go the extra mile, and it'll cater to topics beyond school that they're already excited about.

It'll take us a while to get these released, but just how many years it takes depends on your support.

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A Book for Advanced Learners

Whether you're a native speaker preparing for a standardized test or an advanced ESL learner eager to go from proficient to fluent, this book can help you reshape your focus, leading to the elimination of fundamental mistakes as well as the crafting of complex (but not complicated) sentences.

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Books for Teachers

  • a book breaking down topics and ideas into a few easy-to-follow steps

  • a book for teachers on helping true beginners develop a strong foundation in English

  • a book all about one aspect of our language that's everywhere and plays a bigger role than you might think


In-Depth Student Projects

We currently offer ideas for student projects.  But we'd like to go beyond ideas and provide guides for teachers on how to facilitate the project, step-by-step instructions for the students, printouts to help them get started, links to related resources, and grading rubrics.


Lesson Plans

Our videos show you new methods to consider.  But implementing them is a whole 'nother step.  We'd like to give you some practical ways to incorporate these methods into a lesson, as well as ideas for activities to accompany them.


Interactive Software

We believe that hands-on experiences are extremely effective.  We want to apply our insights toward:

  • a website for students
  • mobile apps
  • smartboard programs

Writing Tips

Writing can and should be fun, be the mechanics of it are important, too.  We can help improve both creative and technical writing.

We won't just throw out tips for writing; we'll show you how to teach them.



Maybe you'd like to know what our videos say while you're commuting.  Or maybe you're interested in our teacher tips, but you read enough as it is.  Why don't we just turn them all into audio files for you?