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to help teachers bridge the gap between instruction and understanding

Our purpose is to help English teachers gain new perspectives on grammar topics so that they can make their lessons more comprehensible and memorable for students of all learning styles.

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Advantages & Approaches


The same old methods don't work for everyone.  Sometimes an alternate approach makes a big difference.  Using the methods in our videos can help you better connect with your students.

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approach English grammar step by step

Approach 1: Step-by-Step

Turning a simple sentence structure into a more complex one can seem like a big leap for learners.  That's why we like to break such transformations down into clear, manageable steps.

approach English grammar with patterns

Approach 2: Patterns

A large list of rules or a table of conditions is not only daunting, it's terribly difficult to remember.  We like to put as much as we can into a few groups, giving you fewer things to remember.

approach English grammar with rules of thumb

Approach 3: Rules-of-Thumb

Whether your students are prone to repeating the same little mistakes or they just have too much to keep track of, providing them with rules-of-thumb can put them on the right path.


What sets Insights apart?

First of all, our resources are made for teachers themselves, not directly for students.

Second, there are already plenty of websites and YouTube channels that teach English grammar, and some of them are great, so we're not going to give you more of the same.  But instead of just introducing a grammar point as if it's the first time you're hearing about it, we'll show you practical ways to teach your students what to do and how to remember it.  We find PATTERNS in tedious lists, break down tricky tasks into smaller STEPS, and craft RULES-OF-THUMB, all so that your students can look at English grammar from a new, friendlier perspective.

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Why We Were Founded

There's a lot of material out there for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages.  On one hand, it's nice to have so many resources available, but on the other hand, it can be quite overwhelming for teachers and students alike.  Perhaps one unit dives into a particular sentence structure and provides plenty of examples of how it should look and sound, but the students have difficulty understanding how to get from 'point a' to 'point b'.  Or perhaps knowing when to use one verb form over another seems to rely on a long list of conditions, and your students simply can't remember it all.  Whatever the reason, students need more than just books and worksheets to remember grammar rules, or even to comprehend them in the first place.

That's where Insights to English comes in.  Our video series guide teachers through new perspectives on content so that they may present their lessons in a fresh and memorable way.  We understand that different students have different learning styles, so we experiment with different approaches beyond what you'll find in course books.  Our founder developed these insights through years of experience teaching in the classroom and tutoring individuals, testing and refining one new technique after another.

If you feel like there's a gap between your English learners and the material presented to them, maybe Insights to English is just what you need.

About Our Founder

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I'm a teacher, as perhaps are you.  I've worked down in the trenches of education, so I know the challenges that come with it, and I'm using my teaching experiences to aid your own.
     My name is Erik Arndt, and I have been both a private tutor and a classroom instructor.  I've taught learners of all ages in the U.S. and in Eastern Europe.  I have a degree in engineering, which means I have a knack for finding patterns and designing things.
     I use all of that for Insights to English.