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Students should already be familiar with:

  • helping verbs

  • past verbs

  • past participles

  • positive, negative, and question forms

Verb Tenses Guide
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Past Basic

Making a verb phrase past might depend on the sentence structure. But there's a trick to remembering what the final sentence should look like. This applies to all past tenses.

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Present Perfect

The Present Perfect tense allows us to bring the past and the present together, often when talking about experiences, status, or results. In this video we take a look at each of those three, as well as compare Present Perfect usage to Past Simple usage.

Past Perfect - video thumbnail.jpg

Past Perfect

Past Perfect is often used in narratives when actions or events are told out of chronological order (like a flashback). Past Perfect shows that the action/event had begun before the narrative context.

Progressive-Continuous - video thumbnail.jpg

Progressive / Continuous Tenses

We use Progressive Continuous tenses for temporary verbs that are not finished yet. This covers Past, Present, and Future.

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The Tenses Guide includes:

Prerequisites in more detail


  • Irregular Verbs (1 by groups; 1 for beginners)

  • Time Expressions (1 for Present Perfect; 1 for Past Perfect)

  • Present Perfect Timelines

  • Stative Verbs

Slideshows for each video

Ancillary Topic on Present Perfect Continuous

5 pages of Bonus Notes such as:

  • With multiple auxiliary verbs, change only the 1st one.

  • The same word can be stative or not if it has multiple definitions.

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