Students should already be familiar with:

  • parts of speech

  • declarative structure

  • auxiliary verbs

Question Forms Guide
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Yes-No Questions - video thumbnail.jpg

Yes/No Questions and Short Answers

Yes/No Questions are the most basic of interrogative forms. Mastering yes/no questions opens the doors for creating most other question forms.

Subject & Object Questions - video thumbnail.jpg

Subject & Object Questions

The difference between the structures of Subject and Object Questions might seem hard to remember, but there's a quick way to using each.

Question Tags - video thumbnail.jpg

Question Tags

We use Tag Questions when we think we know the answer but are asking for confirmation - they are halfway between yes/no questions and declarative sentences.

There are 3 parts to Question Tags, but it depends on how you use them.

Indirect Questions - video thumbnail.jpg

Indirect Questions

Reported questions, formal inquiries, and polite requests all have a structure that's different from statements as well as from other questions.


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The Question Forms Guide includes:

Prerequisites in more detail


  • Overview of Helping Verbs

  • Table of Question Types

  • Steps to Question Tags

  • Summary of Indirect Questions

Slideshows for each video

Ancillary Topic on Polar Questions

over 50 Bonus Notes such as:

  • Leave ‘not’ contracted with an auxiliary verb for negative questions.

  • Requests are more likely to have ‘if’/’whether’ than ‘who/’what’/etc.

Related Teaching Tips like Using Voice to Convey Meaning

Recommended Activities

and more!