This series contains videos from the Modifier Clauses series, Indirect Speech series, and Unreal Mood series.

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Students should already be familiar with:

  • parts of speech

  • simple sentence structure

  • linking words

  • time expressions

  • direct speech

Complex Sentences Guide
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Intro to Clauses

What are Clauses - video thumbnail.jpg

What Are Clauses?


Adjective Clauses

Relative Clauses - video thumbnail.jpg

Relative Clauses

Adverb Clauses

Adverbial Clauses - video thumbnail.jpg

Adverbial Clauses

Conditionals - video thumbnail.jpg

Condition Clauses

Noun Clauses

Reported Speech - video thumbnail.jpg

Reported Speech

Indirect Questions - video thumbnail.jpg

Indirect Questions

Wishes & Regrets - video thumbnail.jpg

Wishes & Regrets

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The Complex Sentences Guide includes:

Prerequisites in more detail

Slideshows for each video

Related Teacher Tips like Context Matters

Recommended Activities

as well as

2 Ancillary Topics

4 Extended-Cut Videos

9 unique Printouts

90+ Bonus Notes

and more!