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5 Reasons to Support


to help our insights REACH TEACHERS all over the globe

Let’s share what we’ve got with everyone!


so that we can produce even MORE VIDEOS

We’ve got more methods to show you.


so our resources can have a HIGHER QUALITY

With more money, we can hire more animators, sound engineers, designers, and writers who are awesome at what they do.



The less you have to wait, the better.


so that we can CREATE MORE types of resources

Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see what we’ve got in mind.

Our goal is to freely share our methods so that teachers everywhere can gain the advantage they need to reach every student. If our vision is important to you as well, you can join us!

We can’t do this alone. Producing videos and other resources costs money, so we rely on supporters to keep us running. The alternative is charging for our content, and we want to do that as little as possible. If you like what we do and want us to release more resources, consider donating.  Increased support leads to quicker production, higher quality, and additional projects, which means more stuff (and better stuff) for you and your fellow teachers.

Your level of support is up to you; even the smallest amount is appreciated. By giving us your contribution, you accompany us in our mission to make an impact in English education.


In other words, you get to take part in our mission to make an impact in English education everywhere!

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Support FAQs

Why do you need people to support you?

We don't charge money for access to our videos; we would rather share our methods freely.  However, we do need money to keep our business running.  The more people that support us, the more Insights can be shared with educators who are tight on cash.

Also, Insights is a side-project of the founder. With support, he and eventually a team of others can dedicate their full-time attention to Insights, which means resources can be released more frequently.

How much money are we talking about here?

However much you can spare helps educators who don’t have anything to spare. If a small amount is all you can offer, we’d still be incredibly grateful!  If you can give a higher amount, we'd love that even more!

Whether you donate anything or not, the best thing you can do is tell your fellow educators about us.

We love education and believe knowledge should be shared freely.
— Erik Arndt, founder

What would you do with my money?

We’d hire a full-time staff, increase our market reach, and buy better software and equipment.  These would improve the quality of our resources, increase the speed at which we release them, and allow us to include more types of resources.  So you get better and more stuff in the end!

Also, some of resources are free, but we’d prefer if everything was free. If we got enough support from people who can afford it, then even educators that can’t afford it would have access to all of our resources.

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What else is in the works?

Insights to English mostly produces videos so far, and we've got more coming, but we plan to make plenty of other types of resources for teachers of all types of English learners.  The more support we get, the sooner we can make these available to you.

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These projects can only be realized with your support.

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