WebQuest: Music Recordings

The Basic Quest

Starting with records and ending with MP3s, students list at least 5 different formats for recording music (alternately, they can write about the players – e.g. gramophones instead of disc records – but the information they gather would be essentially the same).  With each, they need to learn the following:

  • what it was called

  • how much music it could hold (probably in terms of minutes)

  • how big it was

  • the decades in which it was popular

  • some of the music genres that are often associated with it

Bonus Quest 1

What were the limitations of each format/player, and why did they need improvement?  In what ways was each format better than the previous one?

Bonus Quest 2

Why do some people still enjoy buying and listening to vinyl records?  This will take more than simply looking at an information site; students will probably have to visit forums and ask around.

Bonus Quest 3

What do you think the next music player will be like?  Don’t just think about what might be cool; consider how what we have now could be even better.

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