Essay Prompts: This vs. That

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Make your students form an argument as to why something is better than the alternative.  Of course, you should first go over the structure of an essay, and maybe various phrases one could use in an argument.  But to prompt them for further practice, here are twenty topics.  They should choose which of a pair to support, and their arguments could be subjective, objective, or both.

Books vs. Movies

Night Owls vs. Early Birds

Hot vs. Cold Weather

Public vs. Private Transport

Cats vs. Dogs

Sweet vs. Salty Snacks

Folk vs. Pop Music

Calling vs. Texting

Still Art vs. Performing Art

City vs. Countryside

Pens vs. Pencils

Health vs. Happiness

Youth vs. Experience

Coffee vs. Tea

Superman vs. Batman

Skill vs. Hard Work

Mountains vs. the Beach

Dressing Up vs. Down

Fruits vs. Vegetables

Chill vs. Lively Venues

Note that some of these points are not mutually exclusive.  But for the same of writing an argument, students will have to choose one over the other.

Also note that these are good discussion points.  Before or after the writing, perhaps you could hold a class discussion in which students takes sides and (civilly) argue their positions.



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