A Guide to Indirect Speech


This 31-page interactive guide contains a series introduction, suggestions for applying the methods, and appendices for finer grammar points in addition to an overview, bonus notes, printouts, and more for each of the following videos:

Reported Speech

Indirect Questions


As a supplement to Insights to English’s video series, this guide provides direction on how to apply the videos’ methods to your class, as well as provide additional information on the topics of each video and on the series as a whole. When you download the guide, you’ll also receive the slideshow versions of each video as well as related printouts (in both letter and A4 paper sizes).

The guide itself contains:

    • an overview of the series and its topics
    • a viewing order
    • prerequisites for each video
    • difficulty levels of each video
    • bonus notes for each video
    • a list of related printouts for each video
    • ideas on practical extensions for each video
    • application suggestions
    • explanations of secondary grammar points
    • ancillary topic: Reporting Verbs
    • an extended-cut of the Reported Speech video
    • a glossary


Make sure you have a pdf reader before opening the guide. Since this guide is interactive, you’ll need to have internet access whenever you use this guide in order to use it to the fullest degree. However, you can also simply read the guide when you do not have internet access or if you choose to print out a hard copy.