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'after certain verbs' Notes

  • there are plenty exceptions to most of the groups we've designated, and some verbs don't really fit into a group.
  • among the list of whether to use the 'to ____' form or the '____ing' form is "habits".  This is not another group like the ones we cover in this video (such a group might include verbs like tend, continue, be used to, or can't help, for example).  In fact, "habits" doesn't even refer to the first verb in the Verb Pattern (verb pair).  Instead, it refers to the second one.  If the second verb is something you do regularly, you probably use the 'to ____' form

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We mention gerunds in the video, and we see a lot of them, but we don't dive into what they actually are (which is: nouns, although they're based in verbs).  We'll do a video just on those.

Verb Patterns: an overview

There are other rules other than the 'after certain verbs' rule.  We'll take a look at some of those.

Verb Patterns: Reporting Verbs

Our 'after certain verbs' video deliberately left out a large group: reporting verbs.  That's because 1) there are plenty of sub-groups within that group and 2) reporting verbs are often considered separately; English books tend to place these in the Reported Speech section.  So it's worth putting these in their own video.

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