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4-to-9-minute videos on How To Teach grammar topics using our unique approaches (see below).

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Advantages & Approaches


The same old methods don't work for everyone.  Sometimes an alternate approach makes a big difference.  Using the methods in our videos can help you better connect with your students.

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 approach English grammar step by step

Approach 1: Step-by-Step

Turning a simple sentence structure into a more complex one can seem like a big leap for learners.  That's why we like to break such transformations down into clear, manageable steps.

 approach English grammar with patterns

Approach 2: Patterns

A large list of rules or a table of conditions is not only daunting, it's terribly difficult to remember.  We like to put as much as we can into a few groups, giving you fewer things to remember.

 approach English grammar with rules of thumb

Approach 3: Rules-of-Thumb

Whether your students are prone to repeating the same little mistakes or they just have too much to keep track of, providing them with rules-of-thumb can put them on the right path.


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