Reporting Verb Patterns

This page is an extension of the Verb Patterns page, specifically focusing on Reporting Verbs, since there are enough of those to consider on their own. If you have not yet watched that video and read the rest of content on the Verb Patterns page, we recommend you do that first.

Out of the 200 or so verbs listed in the Verb Patterns video and topic page, not many reporting verbs were included. Most of those that did make an appearance were in the ‘influence’ group. Reporting Verbs is a large enough category that they deserve a topic unto themselves.

Reporting Verbs fall into much of the same patterns that other Verb Complements do. Again, one of the key distinctions is whether the focus is on the future or not.


agree to ______

offer to ______

promise to ______

refuse to ______

threaten to ______



allow [someone] to ______

convince [someone] to ______

dare [someone] to ______

invite [someone] to ______

persuade [someone] to ______

remind [someone] to ______

warn [someone] not to ______

Past or Present

accuse [someone] of ______ing

admit ______ing

apologize for ______ing

deny ______ing

report ______ing

Notice that when a preposition follows the reporting verb, the verbal should be of the _____ing form. Another reoccurring distinction is whether whatever was expressed has a specific or a general application.


demand to ______

promise to ______

threaten to ______






advise [someone] to ______

allow [someone] to ______

ask [someone] to ______

encourage [someone] to ______

forbid [someone] to ______

permit [someone] to ______

remind [someone] to ______

urge [someone] to ______


advise ______ing

allow ______ing

discuss ______ing

encourage ______ing

forbid ______ing

permit ______ing

recommend ______ing

urge ______ing

Reported imperative sentence will almost always involve to _____, which makes sense since imperatives a specific instructions concerning the (often near-) future.

Finally, if an indirect object is used, to _____ is the right form more often than not.

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Verb Patterns

We usually use "to _____" for future and specific contexts, and "_____ing" for non-future and general contexts.
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Reported Speech

The Reporting Verbs on this page can be used for Reported Speech, though the structure is a bit different from standard Reported Speech.
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