Our Mission

is to help teachers bridge the gap between instruction and understanding.

Our purpose is to help English teachers gain new perspectives on grammar topics so that they can make their lessons more comprehensible and memorable for students of all learning styles.

The same old methods don’t work for everyone.  Sometimes an alternate approach makes a big difference.  Using the methods in our videos can help you better connect with your students.

If your goal is to reach every student,

our goal is to help you reach yours.

What sets Insights Apart?

First of all, our resources are made for teachers themselves, not directly for students.

Second, there are already plenty of websites and YouTube channels that teach English grammar, and some of them are great, so we’re not going to give you more of the same.  But instead of just introducing a grammar point as if it’s the first time you’re hearing about it, we’ll show you practical ways to teach your students what to do and how to remember it.  We find PATTERNS in tedious lists, break down tricky tasks into smaller STEPS, and craft RULES-OF-THUMB, all so that your students can look at English grammar from a new, friendlier perspective.

What's Next?

Insights has a lot more resources planned, including:

Our next top priority is a new series of mini-courses that teachers and students can use together online.  Each will contain six to twelve lessons, will focus on a particular set of related grammar topics (instead of covering a wider scope), will be based around stories, and have many other features.  We’ll also make sure it has multiple ways for students to engage with the material on their computers and mobile devices.

We’ve only just begun developing these courses and have a long way to go.  In fact, it may take a year or two before the first course comes out, so we’re going to ask for your assistance now.  We could use your support to get the resources we need to continue then finish development.  Become an Insider or purchase a Grammar Guidebook.  And tell your fellow educators about Insights to English.  The more Insights grows financially, the sooner we can release these courses!