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more Grammar Guide resources

More Topics

There are 18 additional topics (4 of which include new videos) exclusive to Insiders so far, with more on the way!

Bonus Notes

each topic's collection of exceptions, extensions, alternatives, examples, and other details that couldn't be fit into the video

Handouts & Posters

visual representations or easy reminders of the topics that can be handed out to students or placed as posters on the classroom walls


the visuals from Insights's videos at your fingertips, so you can control the pace and explain it your own way

Practice Activities

Short end-of-lesson activities so that students can engage in free practice for each topic

Recommended Projects

one or two projects in which students get to incorporate the topic into English production in a fun an creative way

Related Tips

teaching techniques, tools, and other tips that may be particularly helpful for each topic

Revised Videos

Insiders videos have been adjusted according to feedback we've received, and some with updated graphics or audio.

Student Project features

Planning Info

the project type, the duration, whether students work solo or in groups, and which grammar topics the project practices

Search & Filter

the ability to find the right project by filtering through Planning Info or by searching for titles or tags

In-Article Downloads

finer points and printouts associated with Teaching Tips and Student Projects

and more coming soon

  • Word Lists (like Stative Verbs, Reporting Verbs, Limiter Adjectives, 100 Most Common Adjectives, etc.) that you can sort or download.
  • Teacher Tips and Advanced Concepts within our English Grammar Encyclopedia.
  • A Community Platform where you can interact with other educators to share teaching tips and resources.