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How to Teach

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Insights’s How-to-Teach-Grammar videos provide educators with alternative methods of teaching various grammar topics.  These approaches help students to not only better understand the topics, but also to remember them later.

What Makes Insights Different

There are plenty of great videos out there for students, but our videos are MADE FOR TEACHERS instead.  We believe that teachers are the foundation of learning, which is why we want you to be prepared and enter the classroom with confidence.

The videos are for you; what you get out of them is for your students.

We don’t just rehash explanations that you can find in most textbooks.  When such explanations leave students scratching their heads, it’s important to TRY ANOTHER APPROACH.  We’d like to share our ideas with you.

The content’s the same; the perspectives are new.

While grammar points are often taught as isolated topics, we’re convinced that understanding comes more easily when teachers DRAW CONNECTIONS BETWEEN TOPICS, which is why we bundle our videos and other resources into series.

We help teachers bridge the gap between instruction and understanding.

Get the Most out of Insights

As an Insider, you’ll get have access to more resources like bonus notes, slideshows, printouts, activity recommendations, glossaries, additional videos, and much more.  Fans of our Student Projects blog will get extra information on many of the projects, such as difficulty levels, associated grammar points, print-out instructions, and a search feature.

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